• Financial Inclusion is one of the top priorities of GoI, RBI and Banks too. The aim is to provide access to basic financial products and services to all households in the country.
  • In Chhattisgarh State Bank of India has worked for financial inclusion of such un(under) privileged households. Initially the target was to cover 2000+ population villages, SBI was allotted 196 villages out of 1050villages in Chhattisgarh and the task of providing Banking coverage to these FIP villages was successfully completed on March 2012.
  • In second Phase of Financial Inclusion Plan, villages with population above 1000-1999 were to be covered. SBI was allotted with 741 villages out of 4122 villages in Chhattisgarh. All the villages were financially included on March 2013.
  • In Third Phase of FIP, Villages with population below 1000 are to be financially included. The task is to be done in phased manner from 2013-2016, in three financial years. SBI is allotted with 2616 villages and plan is to cover 860 villages in FY 2013-14.The mapping is in progress for implementation of FIP.
  • SSA Sub Service Area Approach – Now the FIP villages (Below 1000 Population are being covered through SSA approach . The mapping of villages as per SSA is in Progress for implementation.
  • Aadhaar - The focus of issuing Aadhaar number is well flow in chhattisgarh. The process of seeding of Aadhaar in respective accounts is in progress.

Financial Inclusion - Roadmap for providing banking services in every village having population Identification of unbanked villages

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